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What is SwayBrand?

SwayBrand is a platform & in-house tool for brands and agencies to connect with diverse, authentic influencers for targeted activations at scale.

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Convert your talent into paid brand partnerships

Request and review products from the brands you love—for free

Send the brands you love your own creative ideas

Receive, manage and request your own unique engagement offers from brands

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Power up your in-house influencer marketing team

Get your product or app discovered and reviewed by VALIDATED, quality influencers from diverse backgrounds

Launch targeted campaigns and insights sessions with influencers authentic to your brand or product

Create and manage creative offers to scale

Why get your product discovered by diverse influencers?

Collect feedback from creative and professional influencers

Validate if that influencer is truly authentic to your product BEFORE you send an offer

Gain insights on your products from specific regions/demographics

Tell everyone who has your product!

Got a product?

Authenticity Over Everything

Our company believes that truly authentic partnerships between brands and influencers are the most powerful way to connect with consumers.

Product Discovery

Validate Authenticity & learn more about what you’ve built by sending products to Quality, diverse influencers

Creative Offers

Send unique, creative offers for organic promotions to diverse influencers after authenticity is established


Data stories unlock learnings and refinements for future creative offers

Brands We Work With

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