How it Works

How SwayBrand helps brands connect authentically with diverse audiences

SwayMatch™ Discovery
Discover all new brand product drops and collab opportunities. Opt-in to receiving free merch.
Own your Platform
Show the world of brands your interests, passions and media of who you’ve worked with before. Receive $$ offers directly to the SwayBrand mobile app.
Get Paid
Get paid on SwayBrand in unique ways and with the simplicity and power of our all-new mobile app.
Social Impact

Influencers Do Good

SwayBrand believes that every Influencer has the power to positivity affect their communities, their people, and thus the world in their own way.

That's why every Influencer that signs up for SwayBrand must pledge to using their platform to help an authentic non-profit, charity or social impact organization at least once a year.